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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they pressed human rights issues and president castro said restrained race relations and a lack of services in the u.s. >> there's an ongoing en engagement with cuba. advancing the mutual interest of our countries improving the lives of americans and cuban. the relationship between our governments will not be transformed overnight. >> there's a state dinner scheduled for tonight. the -- >> the tampa bay rays are getting ready for their historic game against the cuban national team. and our keith cate made the journey from tampa to cuba. he's been talking with locals there about everything happening in that country right now. keith joins us from havana. >>reporter: good evening in hold havana.
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time has stood still for decades. the old cars, stores, hotels, bars, lots of people on the street. fewer today because of the presidential visit, but the inconvenience is welcomed if the president can deliver on his message to forge new agreements and commercial deals and build new mexico ties between our two nations. one of the areas of agreement found on the playing field. baseball field is -- american cultures. even if the tickets are hard if not impossible to come by. >> did you just -- >> this is the first time you have visited to cuba. >> it's important to obama after his ceremony here at the jose memorial. he walked across the street and had a meeting with castro and with entrepreneurs focused on business. like from america, the economy is something cubans are
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think baseball can change and heal lifelong differences? >> rodriguez got a job working at the stadium and told me it won't heal the wounds, but it will help. the rays players were advised not to comment on the differences, but pitcher archer feels -- >> i think us being here could be the start of something great between our country and for the human rights of those in cuba. everybody here thinks that, that's why we're excited. i'm not afraid to express that. >> it's something that those can't overlook calling it trip a mistake because we see no progress in that area and thus, a visit by the president legit milliliters -- the president believes what we have been doing isn't working and maybe it's time to try something new and this trip might be a
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diplomacy power when dealing with old fo's. in cuba, keith cate being back to you. >> we'll have more on tonight's state dinner and the excitement surrounding the historic baseball game and the game between the rays and the cuban national teams starts at 2:00 p.m. keith will be there and we'll bring us reports in all of our newscast tomorrow. we're going to take you to st. pete courthouse where hulk hogan is speaking. he was awarded more money in a sex tape trial 30 minutes ago. the jury awarded him more than $27 million. let's listen in. >> my wwe family knows and they have been supportive of me. at the end of the day, it's nice to get back to normal with my family and friends in the area. it has been unbelievable. everywhere i go, everywhere i show up, people treat me like i'm still the champ and they've been supportive. it's cool to be in this community and feel the love from everybody.
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see this judgment from this jury >> i didn't know what to expect. >> it was right thing to do, of course we did. >> describe your emotion. >> terry after a more than 2 weeks of trial here in this st. petersburg courthouse. $115 million awarded by the jury on friday, and even more today after they penalize gawker and the editor who produced all of this, $100,000. of course, nick came out a while ago, he's the founder and ceo of gawker's media and he's relying on an appeal saying they're going to take it to the appellate media. they say the jury did not see all the evidence, but peter bernard spoke to juror up stair and we spoke to one juror as they walked out. they wanted to send a message saying this was not searchable. one of the jurors told peter bernard
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tape, they didn't believe that hogan believed he was being recorded. he spoke openly and no one would have spoken in front of a camera like that. they thought it was a private moment in a private house and that's why they wanted to send a jury with a message with this jury verdict with huge dollar amounts. of course, it can be appealed. it remains to be seen how many terry and his legal team will get after it's said and done. back to you guys. >> jeff, we did hear from mr. balio saying it's nice to get back to normal. they're on the hook for $141 million between all of them, on gawker's side. did nick say anything specifically about the appeal? he's got a number of issues to face with gawker and the other individuals looking for penalties. >> josh, his statement was very limited. essentially he said the same thing he did friday as he walked out of the courthouse and
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the appellate process. they said it's their contention that the jury was not presented all the information. they never able saw bubba's deposition. we have citing through that. we had a release of information on friday on the depositions that bubba gave out, so we've been reading through that, and they'll be a lot issues at the appellate level for them to go through >> jeff paterson staying on top of the court case. thank you for the coverage, and we'll wait to see what happens next. thank you so much. a frightening moment on i-75 over the weekend. police dash cam video captured a wrong-way driver heading south in the northbound lanes narrowly missing a police officer. the video comes from an officer on his way home from work. a river view woman is charged with
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and driving the wrong way. steve anderson joins us from the tampa bay police department where folks are feeling lucky tonight given the fact we buried a deputy week, steve. >>reporter: good evening, from the tampa police department. this sunday's wrong way driving incident had disaster written all over it. it happened in a second. way, wrong way. >> sunday, 5:06 a.m., tampa police officer scott veers to the right to avoid a head on collision with a wrong-way driver on i-275 south. drivers called 911. >> he's driving [indiscernible]. >> when she got off the interstate at bush, a cruiser was waiting for her. >> she seemed more concerned about asking the officers -- concerned about drive --
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>> she joins this growing list of bay area driver involved in wrong way driving incidents. she was lucky. last week -- he plowed into deputy john kotfila killing them both. tampa bay spent a million bucks -- >> you have to be pretty gassed not to notice the signs and lights to prevent people from going the wrong way. every driver looked at going the wrong way has been impaired. >> this is a dui problem. >> what is -- >> there's a grant specifically targeted at dui officers so we're using this grant money to put additional dui officers on the road in hopes of stopping situations like this. >> that grant that andrea davis spoke of allows dpd
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the field saturday, sunday nights. officer was on his way home when he encountered casella. back to you. >> wow. the bay area has seen a big spike in overdoses from the drug spice. now, st. petersburg police are working to get the word out. officers handed out pamphlets downtown today with information about the dangers of spice, and how to get help. while they were out, officers found two people believed to be high on spice. since thursday night, the department has gotten 28 calls for spice overdoses. finding a new home for the hurricane hunter aircraft. >> coming up, where the planes could end up and why low makers say noah is not being forced out. highs in the 60s, mid-60s. we had 65 degrees. that comes from a cooler breeze, so it feels chillier. we have a frost advisory. a fast warmup
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holiday weekend. that's
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welcome back. lawmaker was confident noah's -- the aircraft operation center is not being evicted from the air force base. noah
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location. they must accommodate tankers coming in. it could cost millions to build a space at the base if they do in fact stay. >> it's no secret that there would have be to some additional buildings here and that's a $90 million item either for noah or for the air force. >> noah officials -- studies will be conducted on sites and completed within 7 weeks. spa getty warehouse is asking their fans where they want their new location to be. the restaurant posted an online page. patrons can vote on and suggest a new location. the warehouse was set to close its ybor city after 25 years of business, but they had a change of heart and decided to move instead of moving. thousands of honey bees
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>> they were evicted from a gate -- where the bees are
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welcome back. more than 80,000 honey bees have been evicted from a gated community in lakeland. >> 80,000. news channel 8 captured the bee take down. we're joined from lakeland. i imagine things got crazy, melissa. >>reporter: absolutely.
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luckily no one was stung. if you look over here, you can see there's bees here, but it's much calmer than earlier. these honey bees must know how to pick their real-estate making this tree in the grass lands gated community in lakeland their home. >> one of the workers was mowing the yard and came across it and this is a big. >> this caused a commotion in this quiet neighborhood. >> we found out about it last week, and we told everybody that came through to be careful because we were told they were hornets. >> they were honey bees. experts thinks more than 80,000 of them. >> it's cold and it was -- so it did -- yeah. quite a few in there. >> you won't believe how long they've been there. >> a year, two and a half years. >> there's people going back everyday where the bees are. a lot of traffic going through here. it's a health issue.
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life control knew the bees needed to go, but he wanted to make sure they didn't die. >> we have to have bees. the pollinate all kinds of things. without bees, we've got trouble. >> we called in local bee keeps to do the drive vacuuming the bees into a they'll have a new home. >> they don't get killed. we carry them and let them do what they're supposed to do. >> it took more than 3 hours to get that bee hive down. i got a little piece of it and i got to try the sweet honey. it was pretty delicious. josh and stacie. >> that's mother nature honey right there. >> thank you. melissa live in lakeland. a crystal clear day in
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normal under spring. nice shot from photo journalist john. we see this quite often going by us in the news center out in the channel. they come from the north and train and head back up north and have their season. it's a good cooler breeze. lakeland auto mall. the winds are strong from the northwest. the flag is jumping around. and that's an indication -- you see the palm tree moving around. 60 degrees with a north wind. 62 degrees in crystal river. not many that's confined to central and southern areas. lighter winds with high pressure over us. we're expecting a frost advisory by the -- this includes hernando county, -- and inverness. we're looking at a light
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wind condition and the lighter winds do lead to frost. that's 3:30 in the morning and a wind shift will take place and we'll start a warming trend. it's a beautiful day for tomorrow. temperatures climbing. 72 in the forecast. tuesday, wednesday, 80 degrees. warm temps are back. spring breakers are loving this. in the forecast for tomorrow -- cooler for the water, thanks to this round of chillier air. that won't last long, but blue skies, sunshine and a few high clouds overall. rain chances take a jump onto good friday. a 40% chance and same on saturday with a front settling into the area and that's where showers can develop. weather map app is a free. look at the radar, and look at traffic. 46 degrees at 7:00 a.m. at 3:00 p.m., sunny and pleasant. 57 degrees and a cool day in pinellas county. places like largo, seminole, newport richie are cooler than the inland folks. you
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even out to lake placid and seabring, it's chilly with highs in the 50s. tropical flow of high clouds scooting across the -- we see a few in the clouds. you saw them on the lakeland camera. high pressure on top of us, lighter winds and that lead to the frost advisory for tonight. high pressure, firmly in control. shifting to the east getting a southeasterly flow. warmup. add moisture and clouds into the atmosphere. in the west, we see the changes with the approaching cold front that will arrive later friday into saturday. that will up our rain chances. on thursday, moisture will return. and we'll add rain chances because we're flow. 48 degrees. chilly land o'lakes. the
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low in inverness. winter haven -- bundle up tomorrow morning. 72. this is a great stretch of weather for the next couple of days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we start to bring those southerly winds and start to add moisture in and get humidity back for a good friday. there's a possibility of seeing showers with that cold front settling into the area and with that front staying around the area. it remains unsettled saturday, and sunday, easter sunday and for monday as well. it gets unsettled, but temperatures are warm. >> thank you, very much. coming up next in sports, the rays hit the treated like rock stars. >> we're going to hear from the players on their eve of the cuban national team in
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the rays out fielder ravona will not make the ray's opening day rose ter, but tomorrow he'll step to the plate for the biggest at bat of his life when he leads off for the rays against the cuban team in his hometown of havana. ravona got to stretch their legs at the americano historic game. it falls during the dog days of spring training. tomorrow, it will feel like the world series. rays pitcher chris archer is a celebrity against guest. he knows his role in bridging two cultures. >> we have seen players coming over which is exciting for the united
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because i think the one common denominator between the countries is baseball. >> i'm honored. just to interact with the i'm that produced such great talent at the major league level is a great experience. >> and later tonight, the usf women basketball -- it has stumped this program despite its growth during the past decade. the bulls have gotten knocked out of the big dance in this very round in their past two appearance. discipline a must against ucla, a team will that keep up. the bulls may try to slow things down tonight. >> at times, i feel like
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but-- with have to slow it down and get back into the fast temple. >> and tomorrow is a big day in the buck's preparation for the nfl draft. it's pro day for the florida gators. a second look at cornerback -- he had a good performance on the field at the nfl scouting combine. we'll see if his time in the 40 can get quicker and even with the recent signings during free agency, buc's general manager mike plans to address the corner position in the draft. some people say he will be pick number nine. he's from tampa. that would be great to have the hometown guy here. he's fast. he's already fast. trust me. >> we're asking a lot from him. >> that's the nfl. >> don't go anywhere. nightly news is coming up.
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at 10:00 and we'll see you
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breaking news tonight. history in cuba. the american and cube anne president side by side. an angry raul castro challenged over human rights raising president obama's arm in an awkward embrace. trump's secret meeting with top republicans as hillary clinton and elizabeth warren go on the at against him. airport bust. 60 pounds of cocaine found hidden in carry-ones after a woman ran from screeners. you won't believe who investigators are looking for. hitting back. serena williams leading the charge against a powerful tennis executive who said women players should get on their


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